Phoenix Psychology provide services to end users through contracts established with businesses, associations and local authorities.

We develop relationships with those commissioning organisations to provide a warm, nurturing and transparent service for clients. Our commitment to long term relationships and service to clients is at the heart of our ethos and our work with clients is guided by this.

We take pride in our collaborations with commissioning organisations to provide long term support to clients with a range of diverse needs.

We set high standards for service delivery and are dedicated to providing ethical, responsive and sensitive services.  Professional credibility and integrity is an essential and core value of our service.

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We offer a wide range of specialist services tailored to meet the varied needs of the professionals ad families who turn to us for support. We work across a range of contracts some of which require working directly in, alongside and in partnership with statutory and third sector organisations, community groups, solicitors, local authorities, schools and voluntary sector workers.  We provide training, supervision, assessments and consultancy to support their work with both adults and children & families.

Some of the services we offer include training, workshops and webinars; psychological consultancy; clinical supervision; therapy such as Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT),  trauma based therapy, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), adult psychotherapy and DDP therapy;  specialist LAC & Adoption services; expert witness work (including psychological assessments of parents and children for the family court) and complex assessment of neurodevelopmental conditions.  

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and consider bespoke packages

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Our Team

Our experienced clinical team of registered Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists is led by Dr Liz Gillett our Director.  Between us, we have a vast range of knowledge, experience and skills enabling us to help and guide you to find a plan tailored to meet your own unique needs.

Our team is supported by a host of dedicated support staff.

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We work as a single team with leading companies and organisations and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.