Phoenix Psychology take pride in our partnerships with commissioning colleagues and organisations to provide long term support to clients with a range of diverse needs.  We approach this collaboration in a number of ways including provision of contracted psychology services, supplying skilled psychologists to work within partner organisations as an ‘embedded’ resource in their team; and through spot commissioning of services as a preferred supplier.  We are always interested in exploring new ways of working with fellow professional organisations and are happy to put together a bespoke package which works specifically for you.  Some examples of current and recent collaborations are listed below.

Women’s Charity, Birmingham

We are working with a service based in Birmingham which helps women to recover from physical and emotional conditions, which are connected with addiction, homelessness, abuse, exploitation, involvement with the criminal justice system and unemployment.  We support the staff with group consultations, 1-1 clinical supervision for current staff, and a Compassion Focussed Therapy based Complex Trauma Group.

Charitable support service dedicated to reducing the number of children being taken into care each year

Phoenix has been involved in a locally based project aimed at women and men who are at risk of, or who have already suffered, the removal of one or more children from their care. We initially ran a pilot project consisting of a short term Compassion Focussed Therapy based group program aimed at increasing clients’ abilities to regulate emotions, increase self-compassion and interpersonal communication skills and improve self-worth and confidence. Due to its success, this has now been extended to five years.

Leading Military Charity

We work in collaboration with a leading military charity delivering 1-1 psychological interventions to ex-servicemen and women helping and supporting them emotionally through their sometimes difficult return to civilian life.

Violence Reduction Unit

Phoenix is working closely with a local Violence Reduction Unit offering psychological consultations and formulations & service and policy development We are helping them to consider ways to integrate trauma informed practices into all aspects of the project.

NHS, West Midlands

We are the provider of psychological and psychiatric assessment and therapy for Doctors and Dentists in training within the midlands region. Trainees may be referred after consultation with the Professional Support Unit (PSU).

Family Assessment Centres

We provide therapeutic services and psychological support to parents undergoing residential assessments working  closely with the team to identify realistic goals and provide psychological interventions to residents independent of their assessment according to need.

Local Authority Fostering Services

We provide psychologists to work within our local fostering services to provide consultancy to staff to inform decision making, professional supervision, run therapeutic groups, and provide support to professional foster carers.

Adoption Support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) was established because many adoptive families need some kind of therapeutic support following adoption.  Through access to the ASF, local authorities are able to commission therapeutic support that is free at the point of access to families who require it.   We strongly believe in working in close collaboration with our colleagues in the statutory sector to provide a reliable and cohesive network around the families we support.

Local Authority – Services to Schools for Looked-after children

We have worked closely with local authority children’s services for a number of years, helping to develop and support an attachment aware schools initiative for schools in their areas. We provide training workshops, assessment and consultation for schools looking to broaden their understanding of trauma and attachment and embed this into their policy and practice.

Mental Health Charity

We work closely with the staff and clients of this local charity and offer a selection of consultation and liaison, clinical supervision, group case consultations and formulations, psychological assessments, psychological intervention, psychological skills groups and service development.

Local Authority Adoption Services

This group of local authorities provides adoption services and adoption support to children and families.  We have an established relationship with them and provide psychological consultancy in support of their work with families both pre- and post-adoption via the Adoption Support Fund.


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