Years of Experience Providing Essential Evaluation, Consultation, Training and Therapy

At Phoenix we strive to provide psychological thinking and interventions in line with our values to support those marginalised within our society, those who are exposed to psychological risks as part of their occupation, those who may struggle to access psychological services elsewhere and where we can support social change. Our ethos is to build relationships with services to provide excellence and integrate psychological thinking into all aspects of their organisation. We also provide a range of services tailored to meet the varied needs of individuals with complex trauma presentations across the lifespan whether that be children and families with complex difficulties or adults who have experienced complex trauma.

We work collaboratively with schools, community groups, solicitors, the voluntary sector, local authorities, independent foster care organisations, residential homes, health services and other statutory and non-statutory organisations.


Consultation & Liaison

We offer an opportunity to consult with a qualified professional on a range of psychological difficulties and issues which may include advice on individual intervention, group processes, aspects or application of psychological theory, understanding psychological assessment reports and recommendations and interpretation of empirical data.

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Training, Workshops & Webinars

We offer and deliver a range of training packages including Mental Health and Well-being, Attachment & Developmental Trauma, Anxiety & Depression and Therapeutic Story Writing to name but a few.

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Clinical Supervision

We can provide individual and group-based supervision to a range of professionals including Psychologists, Mental health Professionals, Social Workers and other allied professionals.

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Specialist Psychological Assessments and Interventions

We provide a range of specialist psychological assessments to help make sense of the difficulties someone might be experiencing and provide recommendations for treatment and support.

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Specialist LAC and Adoption Services

We offer specialist services for children who have been adopted, fostered or live in kinship care that can be commissioned by Local Authorities, organisations.

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Psychological Health and Wellbeing at Work

We can help organisations to become more aware of psychological health and well-being in the workplace, to learn how to support employees, to be more psychologically minded and aware and to develop compassionate leadership.

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DDP Therapy, Consultancy and Training

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is an approach that has been developed to help children and young people who have experienced trauma and disruption within their early relationships.

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Expert Witness / Independent Psychological Reports

We can provide practitioners with a high level of skill, expertise and experience in carrying out psychological assessments to inform decision making within Family Law contexts, whether at the pre-proceedings stage, within Family Court proceedings or to assist Local Authorities with post court care planning.  We are able to conduct bespoke fit for purpose assessments, produce formal reports and provide oral evidence relating to a range of relevant issues.

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We work as a single team with leading companies and organisations around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.