Working with Organisations to Support their Clients & Workforce

We recognise that, at times, direct intervention or assessment is not appropriate or required however staff, other services, or people closely involved in client care may require consultation or information relating to areas of specialist psychological knowledge to enable and assist them in meeting the needs of clients with more complex clinical presentations.

We offer consultations to a range of professionals and organisations, as well as offering this service to parents, carers and families. The consultation sessions provide an opportunity to consult with a qualified professional on a range of psychological difficulties and issues. These consultations may include advice on individual intervention, group processes, aspects or application of psychological theory, understanding psychological assessment reports and recommendations and interpretation of empirical data.  It can also provide a space to enable a collective formulation/understanding of the issues, alongside an opportunity for individuals to develop some psychologically informed ideas about how they can be managed or supported. A written summary of the consultations can be provided.

We offer a range of consultation packages from one-off consultations to ongoing consultation support. Alternatively, we are able to create a bespoke package of consultation support to meet your needs.

Group Case Consultations and Formulations

This is usually undertaken with a group of staff members and provides an opportunity for staff to think about clients psychologically and to organise often complex and at times contradictory information in a structured format. This process enables a collective understanding of the client’s presentations and struggles, which can facilitate the development and planning of interventions and markers for changes. However, this process of reflecting on clients within a safe and supportive environment can also facilitate team cohesion and compassion for clients, colleagues and the self, which are important protective factors for burn-out, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

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