Working with Organisations to Support their Employees

We specialise in working with complex trauma presentations and are keen to support organisations to develop trauma informed compassionate environments through training and consultations and to directly psychologically support those who are at high risk of developing PTSD due to their commitment to care and support of others.

We also recognise the importance of supporting all organisations and their staff. Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset and investing in their health and well-being demonstrates the value to which you hold them and is likely to improve morale, retention and outcomes. Mental health and well-being is listed as the fourth most likely reason for taking time off work, which is understandable given that one in four individuals will experience mental health distress with clinical symptomology.

Therefore, at Phoenix Psychology we support organisations by providing high quality evidence based psychological interventions in a timely manner. We recognise the importance of context and systems and ensure this remains at the forefront of our work. We aim to work in partnership with organisations as we believe effective communication is essential to support employees.

We also provide training and consultation to organisations and managers to develop insight and awareness into psychological health and well-being. These have often focussed on developing insight and awareness, how to support employees, how to be a psychologically minded organisation and compassionate leadership. However, we are happy to develop training programmes and workshops to meet your needs. As a team of Clinical Psychologists, we are also able to support organisations through providing reflective practice groups, supervision groups and one to one supervision. Whether this be on a regular basis or following significant events where additional psychological support is required.


We work as a single team with leading companies and organisations around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.