We provide a range of specialist psychological assessments to help make sense of the difficulties someone might be experiencing and provide tailored recommendations for treatment and support.  Assessment typically involve face-to-face interviews, structured assessments, and psychometric questionnaires.

Cognitive Functioning Assessment

Phoenix Psychology offer a formal assessment of cognitive functioning which covers a range of areas such as verbal and non-verbal skills, memory, speed of processing, and adaptive functioning skills.  In the case of Family Law recommendations can be made as to how professionals may support any areas of difficulty, with particular reference to the demands of family proceedings.

Full Psychological Assessment

Phoenix Psychology offer an in-depth, bespoke assessment of an individual’s psychological functioning tailored to the needs of the referrer.  The assessment is informed by the use of standard psychometric instruments that can include cognitive functioning, executive functioning, adaptive functioning, personality, family relationships, and a range of mental health difficulties.  A comprehensive formulation of difficulties and recommendations is provided.

Therapeutic Assessment

Phoenix Psychology offer a bespoke assessment process that will allow our Psychologists to develop and understanding of psychological difficulties and provide recommendations for therapeutic interventions for individuals and families.  Please see the Therapy section for further information on therapeutic services.

Capacity Assessment

We offer specific assessments of an individual’s capacity in a range of areas, including:

  • Capacity to conduct proceedings and to instruct a Solicitor
  • General health and social care
  • Financial affairs
  • Capacity to enter into sexual relationships
  • Refusal of specific treatments
  • Contact with family members
  • Decisions regarding where an individual should reside / caregiving arrangements

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

The term autism describes qualitative differences and impairments in reciprocal social interaction and social communication, combined with restricted interests, rigid and repetitive behaviours, and sensory differences.  Phoenix Psychology offer a comprehensive formulation-based ASD diagnostic assessment incorporating ‘gold standard’ assessment tools that considers differential diagnoses.  We strive to make our assessments compatible with the latest guidance set out in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) (www.nice.org.uk).

Initial Consultation

Phoenix Psychology offer initial consultations to support organisations in their psychological thinking regarding their clients and needs.  Initial consultations may be carried out to help determine the most appropriate type of assessment or to consider the appropriateness of a preferred therapy.


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