As a team of experienced and skilled clinicians we are also able to provide training programmes, whether these be a one-off training workshop or a programme of workshops.  Some examples of training packages delivered are:

Introduction to Attachment and Developmental Trauma

This training programme provides an overview of what attachment and Developmental trauma are, and how they impact on the development, relationships and behaviours of Looked-After and Adopted Children.

Therapeutic Parenting

This training programme is based on the ‘Foundations for Attachment’ programme developed by Kim Golding. The training introduces individuals to the significant challenges of parenting and/or supporting children whose capacity to emotionally connect with those caring/supporting them has been compromised. It offers ways of building emotional connections with these children and also understand how to provide support for behaviour alongside this.

Therapeutic Story Writing Group

Therapeutic stories can help children to understand and make sense of their life story.  By creating individual stories based on the child’s experiences parents, carers and health and social care professionals can help address specific issues indirectly. This training workshop supports individuals to write therapeutic stories for the children and young people they care for.  It introduces them to  four key types of therapeutic stories (Claiming Stories, Developmental Stories, Trauma Stories and Learning Stories), each of which addresses a different aspect of the child’s life story and the meaning they have made of it.

We also offer workshops on Mental Health and Well-being, Developmental Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Supporting Organisations to Support their Employees, Compassionate Leadership and Depression and Anxiety.

This is only a selection of the training we can offer and we are able to provide training packages which are bespoke to the individual needs of the referrer.


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